New reports: Older audiences longitudinal study (wave 2)

New reports: Older audiences longitudinal study (wave 2)

The Ageing + Communication + Technologies (ACT) project has recently released a full report with the results of the second wave of the Older Audiences Longitudinal Study. This report shows descriptive data of all the questions included in the survey, from traditional and new media consumption to subjective health indicators to socio-demographic and -economic variables, in seven participant countries in this wave (i.e., Austria, Canada, Finland, Israel, Netherlands, Romania, and Spain). These data allow comparing results not only between these countries but also between waves, namely, in 2016 and 2018, to observe the extent of continuities and changes in media uses among the online older population (60 years old or over) in these countries. Check the links section to read the full report.

As a by-product, CNSC members Mireia Fernández-Ardèvol, Andrea Rosales, and Daniel Blanche-T., released a special report focused on the case of the online older population in Spain in both waves. The critical difference between this case study and the Spanish chapter in the global report relies on the composition of the sample. While the Spanish sample in the global report focuses on the same participants in waves 1 and 2, the sample in the separate case study introduces “refreshment” respondents to keep the representativeness of the online older population in the country in the second wave. Therefore, this case study not only compares the data from both waves, but it ensures the representativeness of the results in the particular case of Spain. To read the full report, check the link in the links section below.


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