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Communication Networks and Social Change (CNSC) is a research group from the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3) of the Open University of Catalonia (UOC), consolidated by AGAUR (Agency for Management of University and Research Grants) of the Government of Catalonia (2021 SGR 01397).

Communication, a constitutive aspect of human activity, is crucial in the configuration of power relations among people, social groups, and institutions. At CNSC we analyze the ever-evolving landscape of ubiquitous digital networks and media ecologies as they constitute our societies’ new social morphology. Overcoming techo-deterministic assumptions, we investigate how political, economic, and social changes are shaped by these networks.

We aim at understanding the social and political configuration of the network society from various perspectives, which go from the dynamics of social inclusion and exclusion to new forms of governance and political autonomy. Our research approach seeks to reinforce the bonds between academia and civil society, combining a strong commitment to academic standards with a dedication to projects with high social impact, such as knowledge sharing and cooperative projects.

CNSC is organized in two different units: Digital Societies (DS) and Technopolitics (T) that combine their activity in different research lines.