5th LAB Metadecidim: Democratic governance for public-common digital infrastructures (19/07/2017)

5th LAB Metadecidim: Democratic governance for public-common digital infrastructures (19/07/2017)

Next  19 JULY, at 09:30 – 11:30, it will be held the 5th session of  LAB Metadecidim to debate on a democratic governance model for the Decidim platform.

This LAB session will focus on which actors, structures, processes, devices and guarantees are necessary to build a comprehensive democratic governance for Decidim platform.

Our lives are increasingly operated by digital platforms: today Google and Wikipedia define the search and the structure of information and knowledge; Facebook and Tinder, the fabric of personal and loving relationships; Airbnb and Uber, hosting and transport services. The rules that operate on these platforms affect us in a growing way. However, these rules are not decided by users but by the companies that have built the platforms. Among the mentioned platforms, the exception, Wikipedia, has a very different type of governance, based on more democratic and meritocratic structures, which can be used as an alternative reference to the hegemonic corporate model.

At present Decidim project is in a period of definition of the structures and governance processes that will allow the Metadecidim community to decide about the platform, on its multiple layers and dimensions.


  • 09:30h – 09:40h: Presentation of the challenge. Lab.metadecidim team.
  • 09:40h – 09:55h: ”Wanna see your OSS project succeed? Nurture your community”, Jordi Cabot, ICREA Research professor at UOC
  • 09:55h – 10:15h: “Drupal: the drop is always moving. Self-management and governance of digital infrastructures in pro-common communities”, Cristina Chumillas, Drupal.cat; David Rozas, Researcher Surrey University (UK) and member of Centre for Research in Social Simulation
  • 10:15h – 10:30h: “Models of governance of free software in public administration: Sentilo case”, Malcolm Bain, Partner ID Lawpartners
  • 10:30h – 10:45h: Questions Fila 0. Toni Hermoso, Wikimedia Bcn; Alícia Mullor, Group facilitator, El Camino del Elder; Ulises, Founder El Camino del Elder, Sebastià Vila, Rector Delegate of ICT policy at UPC.
  • 10:45h – 11:30h: Debate with the public

Venue: Campus UPF (Poble Nou) Roc Boronat building. Roc Boronat, 138, Barcelona. Room 52.217 (2nd Floor)

More Information and registration available here.

Besides this session, on 18th july, 18:00 – 21:00, it will be held the 4th session SOM Metadecidim. The main scope of this session is to prepare the annual event of Metadecidim (JAM- Jornades Anuals Metadecidim) within the community. Further information an registration of SOM Metadecidim 4th session.