Event: The Smart Metropolis: second session “Barcelona Tomorrow”

Event: The Smart Metropolis: second session “Barcelona Tomorrow”

The 3th of june it will be the second session of barcelona tomorrow, with the presence of Dr. Mireia Fernández-Ardèvol, group leader of the Communication Networks & Social Change research group from IN3 at the UOC. The second session is about reflect on innovation, digitalisation and culture as drivers of the future metropolis. Yo can find the details above:

How can we foster knowledge exchange and the promotion of culture on the metropolitan level? What role will digital tools play in metropolitan governance and in scientific research, the world of work, and citizens’ daily lives? In the coming years, digitalisation will continue to play a key role in the consolidation of Barcelona as a hub for innovation and research, in the democratisation of decision-making, and in the transition toward the fourth industrial revolution. Throughout the day’s events we will discuss how to deploy these tools in the metropolis to harness their maximum potential, while also addressing the technological gap and the risk of entrenching the resulting social inequalities. We will debate the need for promoting access to culture and cultural facilities – fundamental spaces in constructing an open, plural, and inclusive metropolitan identity.

The second day of the participatory process “Barcelona Tomorrow”, organised by the Strategic Metropolitan Plan of Barcelona, curated by Jordi Amat and Elsa Velasco and coordinated by Marc Garcia, includes three round table discussions with local and international experts and it will close with a debate moderated by the university platform deba-t.org.

This activity was part of Barcelona Tomorrow,

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