Our Values

Our guiding principles and values include interdisciplinarity, methodological diversity, research excellence, glocalism, open knowledge, gender diversity and intersectionality, as well as sustainable and sociopolitically engaged research.

Interdisciplinarity: To address our research interests from multiple perspectives, CNSC gathers a diversity of research profiles while our collaborators span a wide range of disciplines that are brought into dialogue. This disciplinary diversity ranges from social, demographic, political and economic sciences, psychology and philosophy, to communication, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Complex Systems Studies.

Methodological diversity: Our disciplinary diversity translates into methodological plurality. We work with a critical sense of methodologies, weighting and compensating the benefits and limitations of big and thick data, quantitative and qualitative methods, generating hybrid techniques for approaching reality. 

Research excellence: We are committed to a high level of performance and rigor in regards to scientific research, and we are also committed to producing fluid, valuable and effective connections between science and society. 

Socio-politically engaged research: Fostering social inclusion and political autonomy in networked societies are the main driving forces of CNSC. These goals are articulated from a situated research approach. 

Glocal approach: We carry out situated research, always paying attention to the transit, scale difference and mutual influence between the global and the local. In order to do so, over the years we have built a very rich and robust set of international and local alliances. 

Open knowledge: We rely on disseminating the group scientific production in both high quality open access platforms and through our own archives to enforce knowledge circulation and democratization. 

Gender diversity and intersectionality: We believe that gender diversity and the intersectional perspective has a key social and political value, and we incorporate these perspectives in our research and innovation dynamics, as well as in the incorporation of new members.

Sustainable research: We understand sustainability in ethical, human and emotional terms. That is why we are committed to working on the basis of care, taking care of the research and appropriating the research frameworks so that the working conditions contribute to the well-being of the research team and the research participants.