Metadecidim LAB : Network Research for a Networked Democracy A laboratory for democracy

Metadecidim LAB : Network Research for a Networked Democracy A laboratory for democracy

Metadecidim LAB  is an open, collaborative research space which aims to address key issues for the development of the Decidim platform and a networked democracy.

Collective intelligence and social complexity

Just as social networks or mobile applications go through our lives nowadays, in the coming years networks like Decidim will transform political life. The challenges thus entailed require the collective intelligence of communities of experts yet to be built.

Open and networked research

Metadecidim LAB  meetings are where the construction of these communities is promoted, an open, shared research space where research networks for a networked democracy are woven. Hence, we invite the university community, its research centres and groups, specialised companies and their social milieu to join us in this open research area.

Technopolitical Challenges

Sessions will deal with topics such as identity, security and digital privacy, processes and models for networked democracy, technopolitical governance, artificial intelligence for participation, political gamification, and citizen science.


The first (and main) objective of the lab is to open a space for debate to help guide Decidim’s development work.

A second objective is to build networks and communities of experts interested in contributing to  Decidim’s development on several domains (privacy, security, ontology, etc.). These contributions can range from conducting theoretical and applied research around Decidim, to a direct contribution of code to github,  to the incorporation of the experts in the community via Metadecidim SOM (Metadecidim Operating Sessions). A third objective is to establish open research and debate about networked democracy in a broader sense.

Calendar 2017

Metadecidim LAB  organises monthly sessions aimed at local, state and international experts to address urgent challenges and issues of the Decidim project. Each session will have a minimum of two speakers and an assistant as “row 0”, as well as a debate with the audience. Sessions will be held on the third Friday of the month at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Campus Poblenou).

Semester I

17/3/2017 Digital identities, verification and democratic processes

21/4/2017 Strategies of engagement for democracy

19/5/2017 Digital ontologies of participation

6/16/2017 Political Gamification


Limited spaces. Please register here.