Event: DataPolitik2019

Event: DataPolitik2019

The Technopolitics unit of CNSC, along with the group Heurística, are pleased to organize the event “DataPolitik2019 1st Day on Politics and Communication in the Era of Big Data,” which will take place in two different faculties of the University of Barcelona between the 28th and 29th of November, 2019.

In this event, participants will engage in an interdisciplinary dialogue, sharing methodological perspectives, socio-political visions, concrete results, and lines of research on how digital environments have changed the structure of communication and the grammars of social interaction.

CNSC researcher Emanuele Cozzo will deliver the presentation “Techno-social propaganda machines assaulting the information ecosystem,” while researcher Antonio Calleja-López will offer the concluding act “Closing remarks: Conclusions, morals and next steps.”

To sign up for this event, to check the program, to know the venues, or other details, check on the links in the section below. Also, you may want to follow the course of the event on the hashtag #DataPolitik2019


Photo by McDobbie Hu on Unsplash.