Digital Democracy and Data Commons: a process to think about the data policies of the future

Digital Democracy and Data Commons: a process to think about the data policies of the future

On October 18, together with the Dimmons group and other local actors, and with the leadership of the Municipal Institute of Informatics, we launched #DDDC-Digital Democracy and Data Commons, a participatory process aimed to deliberate on the future of data policies and to try a new technology that will improve the digital participation platform Decidim.

The pilot was inaugurated with a first workshop within the program Digital Cities, Digital Freedoms: Digital Commons, Ethical Standards and Free Software for Cities. The second workshop will be held on Wednesday, November 14 and will take place within the framework of the Sharing Cities Summit, at the Smart City Expo World Congress. In this second meeting we will start from the diagnosis discussed in the first workshop to generate proposals and recommendations for action, in order to move towards a digital society model where citizens have greater control over their data and get benefit from its exploitation with models of commons management.

The pilot ‘Digital Democracy and Data Commons’, is part of the European project DECODE(Decentralized Citizen Owned Data Ecosystems). DECODE belongs to the ‘Horizon 2020’ program of the European Union, and aims to develop technological, legal and socio-economic tools so that people can have greater control over their data and obtain a greater collective benefit from them.

The Digital Democracy and Data Commons pilot (#DDDC) is a participatory process with three fundamental objectives: to deliberate on regulation, governance and data economy; test the new DECODE-Decidim system, which allows signing digital requests in a secure, private, transparent and enriched way through data; and, finally, to build an experimental data commons, defined by the ideas and practices coming from the participatory process itself.

The process will last five months and will be developed in several phases, which will be comprised between October 18, 2018 and April 1, 2019; Throughout these phases there will be several face-to-face meetings and open workshops. If you want to participate, go to and register. You can start by sharing your opinion about privacy and personal data management, doing this survey.

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