Fostering participatory research and digital and democratic innovation through citizen laboratories

Period: 2020-2022

Funding source: Barcelona City Council

Project manager Antonio Calleja-López (Open University of Catalonia)

Description The main objective of this project is the conceptualization, development, promotion and extension of a digital and democratic innovation ecosystem in the city of Barcelona. This objective is approached from the technopolitical perspective of the UOC’s research group, based on analysis, field research and cooperation with existing communities in the territory. Therefore, it is a matter of articulating, expanding, improving and extending existing and newly created projects, spaces and communities, aimed at addressing the relations between technology and society in a critical, participatory, applied and transformative way.

Specific objectives:

  • OE1: Conceptual and narrative framework . Develop a conceptual and narrative framework on the main themes of the project (digital and democratic innovation, participatory research and participatory democracy).
  • OE2: Participatory research . Deploy participatory research strategies, projects and activities.
  • OE3: Training . Develop training actions to promote access, promotion and extension of spaces, centers, laboratories, projects and communities of digital and democratic innovation.
  • OE4:  Digital and Democratic Innovation Network . Design, develop or follow projects, spaces and centers of digital and democratic innovation.
  • OE5: Deliberative democracy and network communication . Promote the prototyping, development and execution of different models of deliberative democracy and networked political communication through the citizen participation ecosystem.