Conference: ECREA 2018 at Lugano

Conference: ECREA 2018 at Lugano

The 7th European Communication Conference of the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA) was celebrated between October 31-November 3 in the city of Lugano, Switzerland.  The theme of this edition of the conference was “Centres and Peripheries: Communication, Research, Translation,” a theme that sought to give prominence to scholarly works that account for the interrelationship between “core” and “margins” in its various meanings (i.e., political, economic, cultural, geographical, lingüistic).

CNSC members Mireia Fernández-Ardèvol, Andrea Rosales, and Daniel Blanche participated actively by presenting some of their current works. Mireia presented the paper co-authored by Andrea titled “Older people and the variegated use of smartphones,” where they test a model on the relationship and effects of age on use patterns of smartphones. The data comes from the ACT funded project “Older audiences in the digital media environment: A cross-national longitudinal study,” which includes survey data from 7 countries.

Andrea and Daniel presented their paper titled “Family dynamics supporting grandmothers to digital literacy, an intercultural analysis,” where they compare the various dynamics taking place in the family context that support grandmother’s learning of ICTs and compare them across four countries (two in South America and two in Europe). The data comes from another ACT funded project called “Grannies on the Net,” which includes qualitative data from 7 countries.

Also, Mireia and Andrea coauthored the paper “‘What the others think I do…What I actually do (on social media)’: Exploring ageism and media ideologies through the lens of social media“, which was presented by Francesca Comunello (Lumsa University) and Francesca Ieracitano (Lumsa University), also coauthors of the paper. The other coauthors are Simone Mulargia (Sapienza University of Rome), and Francesca Belotti (Lumsa University).

The next ECREA conference will be celebrated in 2020 in Braga, Portugal.


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