Camila Renè Maggi

Camila Renè Maggi is an architect and works in the development of projects and communities that join technologies, free culture and social innovation. Her work is related to digital culture, open source and practical experimentation methodologies own in digital fabrication laboratories. She has worked in public citizen laboratories such as Medialab Prado (Madrid) and LABIC (Colombia) and participates in projects such as Autofabricantes and Experimenta Distrito, exploring new ways to building commons. She has also developed activities linking technology and design learnings in centers such as Matadero (Madrid), Tabakalera (Donosti) or Espacio Caixa (Madrid). She is currently assistant member of the Tecnopolítica research group within the CNSC (IN3 / UOC) and professor at the BAU design university. In addition, she develops a predoctoral research in speculative environments about body, art, technology and functional diversity, within the Body, Health and Autonomy Laboratory (Medialab Prado).